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Sam Ebohon: Ebohon’s fragmented human forms are recognized and cherished by many. As he states: “One thing that runs through my works is strokes made into fragments; if you remove one fragment it changes everything.”  His style brings an abstract intensity to his works as he uses a crisscross unity of line, light and colour to create warm and beautiful art that is unique to him.

Gbenga OffoOffo’s style is similar to Cubism in that he solidly identifies with painstakingly drawn lined and geometrically-shaped figures with large eyeballs. However as he describes, “I didn’t want to go entirely there. I’d rather be free to play games with the geometry of the human form.” With this style, he attempts to tell a story about his environment, particularly in the debates surrounding conceptual and installation art.

Sam Ovraiti: Ovraiti’s style centres around his use of colour.  Known as the most expressive artist of his time, he popularizes the use of chalk pastels and watercolour paintings. These watercolour paintings express reality through careful control and tenderness towards the medium, while often depicting Fulani women or local folklore themes. On the other hand, his oil paintings express complexity through their layers. These differing techniques exemplify his talent and ability to create expression.

Tayo Quaye: Tayo's strength lies in his lino etching and print works. The intricate elegance of his artistic visa is a true testament to his craftsmanship in this field. He creates an isolated story within each work that resonates with the viewer. Every mark is purposeful and intricate, and his polished precision illustrates the underlying socio-political commentaries, further captivating a contemporary audience. The sheer scale of Quaye's works coupled with his technique infuse the artworks with a certain kind of energy that is indicative solely of Quaye.

Sam Ebohon "Reach Out"

Gbenga Offo, "Herbal Healers"

Gbenga Offo, "Herbal Healers"

Sam Ovariti "Reflections of Me"

Tayo Quaye "Eso Oba"

Tayo Quaye "The Masquerades II"